Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Best Mee Rebus in Malacca

Destination: Malacca, Malaysia

Last few weeks, hubby brought me to the historical city of Malacca. He was very excited to let me enjoy the most delicious Mee Rebus he ever tasted.

At first, we were lost one's way, we went round and round all the way in Malacca city ;P So hubby stopped near by the Malacca Tourism Center to ask for direction, and I was just sitting in the car.

From inside the car I could see Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower). See below:

Visitors or tourists can enjoy Malacca City's scenery on top of that tower. I was attracted seeing the circle deck revolve slowly from bottom to the top of the tower. Besides that I saw a double decker bus beside the tower. I guess it is Malacca tourism bus!

Later on hubby continued his mission for the Mee Rebus and at last we managed to get there! It is located at Jalan Ujung Pasir and opposite the Portugis settlement.

Taa daa, below is the place which my hubby was talking about.
According to my hubby's friend, this local stall is very famous and had been broadcasted in few television programs.

Above is the Mee Rebus

The taste is very special. It's hard for me to explain... It has a bit of curry savour and add with some green chillie, but it is not so fiery.

The other one is what they call it Rojak, as in below picture. It has a mixture or egg, bean sprouts, bean curd, cucumber, a kind of turnip (Pachyrhizus erosus) and sour gravy.
Who ever know about this special Mee Rebus, feel free to share your experience eating it! :)


Anonymous said...

This mee rebus also called mee kahwin. It's very delicious and crispy. I lov it.

saravanan said...

This is my hometown mee rebus and rojak...the best one ever and undefeated. My family will never fail to visit this stall when we visit Melaka. Thumbs up!

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