Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oldham Car Boot Sales in Autum 2009

Destination: Oldham, England.

Towards end of autumn the car boot sales were getting lesser. By the time we arrived at this Oldham car boot sales, some of the seller were closing up their boots already. So it is best to come early in the morning, as it is usually close at 12.00pm. Anyhow the car park was free.

According to a friend, usually this car boot sales is being held on the field and even more bigger than this one.

My husband I were looking forward to buy a wall clock. We managed to buy one at £1.00. Here you can bargain but just be nice! :) Oh! you better bring along un umbrella or a rain coat because it always rain in United Kingdom. Moreover be expected that the sales items sometimes are wet because of the rain.
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