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Heading to Girona City and Place to Stay

Destination: Girona City, Spain
Date: 1 January 2010

Continue from my previous post, now we were waiting for the bus to Girona City. Below is the photo of the bus station near the Girona Costa Brava Airport.

Bus Station at Girona Costa Brava Airport, Spain

The journey to Girona City from the airport is about 30 minutes by bus and cost €2.50 per person. We just realized that here people were driving in the left hand side.

Girona City Bus Station

Once we stepped out from the bus, we saw lots of bicycle rental around Girona City. Anyhow I am not very sure about the rent rate.  Opposite the bus station in Girona City, there is the Girona Train Station.
Bicycle rental in Girona City

From the bus station, we planned to walk to the hostel which we booked online, as it seemed not that very far to walk to. Anyhow, it is quite confusing to walk to the hostel using a map we printed from google map! Along the way walking to our hostel, we could see that many shops were closed due to New Year public holiday!  Lastly we managed to find the hostel by asking a local couple who could speak English.  :)

Equity Point Girona Hostel

We chose to stay in a 6 beds dorm. The toilet was outside. We could say that our room was clean and the outside toilet was clean too. We shared this dorm with another 4 French girls.

 6 Beds dorm

We paid €30.00 for two nights (€15.00 per person, per night), €2.00 for extra blanket and €2.00 for a towel. If you need extra linen you can rent it at €2.00per item.  We brought our own lock so we could use the locker without having to pay extra €2.00 per lock.

During winter it is quite cold but not that very freezing.  This hostel has a centralize heater but it was not switch on 24hours.  They switch it on for a certain time only.


 View from our dorm

Can u see the machine? There are some mobile phone chargers!

 TV room at the common area

Besides that there was a terrace outside of this 4th floor.  Just go through the light brown door which you can see in the above photo.

 Computers are provided at this common room, but you have to pay to use it.

The hall way to the lift 

 The lift

The steps 

 The communal kitchen

 The communal stuff in the kitchen

Everything in the kitchen is for the guests to be used, except those that have labels with names.  Here you have to clean your own plates and things you used.  If you need to buy something to cook like oil, vegetables, fish, meat, sausages, cheese, milk, rice, pasta, chili powder, etc, you could just buy them from a shop on the right side of this hostel. 

 If you have your own food to be kept in the fridge, do not forget to put labels

 My breakfast

Breakfast is provided every morning from 8.00a.m. until 10.0a.m. at the dining area.  Not only that they had bread like in the above photo, but cereals, muffins, fruits, toasts, orange juice, peach juice, chocolate 3 in 1 drink, milk, tea, sugar and salt were also provided.

For more information about this hostel, visit Equity Point Girona Hostel.

All in all hubby and I think that it was good to stay at this hostel as we make some friends from different countries.  The only thing that I do not really favor is that when the other roommates were making noise while we were sleeping.

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