Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pick Your Own Fruits at Red Road Plant Centre, Kineton, Warwickshire, England.

Destination: Road Plant Centre, Kineton, Warwickshire, England.
Date: 2 July 2011

It was our first Strawberries picking! Hubby chose to go to the Road Plant Centre, Kineton, as it is just about 20 minutes from our house in Leamington Spa.

We were welcomed by a friendly lady. Upon our arrival at around 11.30am, there were only few people visiting. So we felt like we could enjoy picking the fruits at a leisurely pace! ;)

What best was at the time of our visit this place offered the cheapest price for the strawberries, 1kg = £3.45, whereby other commercial centre would usually sell at £3.60 per kg. Moreover, they didn't have the entry fee. You just need to pay for what u have picked!

Visitors are allowed to have a taste of their fruits, though not to have a feast!

 Our daughter enjoyed picking her favourite fruit! She is 8 months 15 days!

 This area, the Strawberries are call as Lucy!

Besides Strawberries, there were many other fruits like Gooseberries, Blackcurrants, Raspberries, Redcurrants and Tayberries.  For Autumn they will have Apples, Corn and many more!

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